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With determination and pressure , Wilson County Patriots have successfully convinced the County Commissioners and the City of Floresville to pass resolutions banning Agenda 21 in the year of our Lord 2013...

This is why you never give up the fight ...

Please download and view this presentation on Agenda 21.

Courtesy of Cathie Adams

Presentation link

NEWS- 12/19/11- Please read the EPA announcement below. They changed the name to UN Sustainable Development Agenda but the plan is the same... Move to urban developed housing and give up your property to ride on mass transit. It is" convenient" for you and good for the planet. Propaganda always sounds good until you are under control of it.

EPA Announces Plan To Implement UN Sustainable Development Agenda:(click link below)

ALERT :   Australia wakes up to climate change HOAX :     Click Here


Please look at the links below for more information:

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Finally... a reasonable study from NASA to prove ONCE AND FOR ALL that Global Warming is a HOAX on the American public to further advance the liberal agenda of the far left Democrat party. Please read the article here.