Notice : The Ralph Gerhart Scholarship Award Ceremony will be the final activity of the Wilson County Patriots until a new Neighborhood Group Leader steps forward. The Patriots have served faithfully for 8 years and the time has come to pass the torch. Anyone interested in applying for the leadership position should contact the administrator (see contact page). Thanks to all that have served and God save the Republic.

The 4th Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship Award Winners. 



What are the patriots up to ?

We are always involved in current local government "watchdog" efforts . From city to county and state level we hold elected officials accountable no matter their political affiliation. Click the "Find Out More " button below and fill out the form to get involved.


Round Table discussion with prominent members of local ministries that have successfully helped convert Muslims to Christianity.

Wilson County Patriots Get A Surprise  Visit << New image with text >>

Ted Cruz Campaign Visit

WCP was chosen to preview the campaign bus.



August 22,2015 National Day of Protest of Planned Parenthood (San Antonio) Wilson County Patriots and 700 others attended...
Joann John and Missey Moring
The Huber Family

Please join us for the second installment of the Forum on Terrorism and Radical Islam

Date :5/28/15

Time :7-9:30 PM

Dinner : 6-7PM (only $10 -tax and gratuity included)

Location: Lew's Patio and Grill at Riverbend Golf Course- Floresville

Speakers: Lt.Col. Roy White and Dr. Jeffrey Addicott
Please read this editorial comment concerning the recent Citizens Forum on Border Security and Radical Islam.
The Constitution Day event was a great success thanks to all that participated.

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Voter Information for 2014

Please follow the links for conservative voter info on candidates .


OCTOBER 19th 2013 3-6pm Floresville Event Center

Please join the Wilson County Patriots as they host the

San Antonio Tea Party quarterly meeting featuring Pastor Rafael Cruz.

The father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

This event is FREE and is open to everyone.

Please take the time to register .

Please view the flyer here to reprint and share !!

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July 2, 2013

Bob Gomez presented part 2 of : The Organized Blue vs. The Disorganized Red.


Why the DNC and local Democrats are confident Texas will turn BLUE.

Patriots, Please come to this presentation. YOU WILL BE AWAKENED !!!!!!

Thursday ,March 21st, 2013





Why the DNC and local Democrats are confident Texas will turn BLUE.

First of a Three Part Series



Speaker: Bob Gomez, SA Tea Party Neighborhood Group Leader

DATE: March 21, 2013

TIME: 6:30 pm – till the questions stop being asked !

PLACE: Jack’s Café


Tenth St.

( Tenth St & HWY 181 are the same )

Floresville, TX

Click for directions

The WCP and Jack’s Café encourage you to support this local business owner and order a bite to eat prior to Mr. Gomez’s presentation.


JoAnn Juhasz
Venice Grantham



Election Postmortem:

Patriots :

Many "true" conservatives are in shock and disbelief concerning the results of last weeks election results. After 18 months and $ 2 billion spent there is virtually no change in our government. We retained the House of Representatives but did not gain control of the Senate or the white house. What to do .. morn?,cry?, give up? . I dont think it is in our make up to just quit. We lost a battle but not the war. Dont forget that after the Alamo came San Jacinto and Texas won their independence from Mexico. I believe that we must continue the fight but reassess what the Tea Party mission should be. Many believe that we came together to fight the liberal machine in Washington. While this is a noble cause this is a task that is better fought on a local grass roots level. Success should be measured in the changes we make in local elections by attending city council , commissioners court, and economic development meetings and identifying government over-reach and find and develop true conservative candidates to carry the conservative banner locally first and eventually to the white house and capitol hill. The establishment Republican party keeps sending the same moderates into the race only to be beaten for the last 8 years.(Please read below) There is plenty to do and the Wilson County Patriots are ready and willing to keep their focus on the local level while supporting the San Antonio Tea Party on any other causes they are involved in.. Many of our supporters chose to get involved in the opposition of out of control spending that was occurring in the city of Floresville. Due to that involvement, a complete change transformed a liberal tax- and- spend city government into a more fiscally responsible and transparent representation by voting out the establishment and electing a more conservative majority. This is where it starts and when others see what can be done locally they will become supporters on a larger scale. I believe a fitting motto is the same as the the one that the USMC uses :" Semper Fideles " it stands for "ALWAYS FAITHFUL" ! Keep the faith patriots !

God bless you,

Web master - WCP.


There is no value in trying to sugar-coat what happened on Tuesday.

Despite an unabashed support for left-wing policies, Barack Obama won reelection for four more years. This will be four years in which Obama can further advance his mission to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

Fundamental transformation of America is not only a stated goal, it is the one mission Obama clearly seems to take very seriously. America circa 2016 will almost certainly be a nation closer to that goal than America circa 2012.

Nonetheless, we ought to view this election with some perspective.

Whatever the re-election of Obama may have represented, it most certainly did not represent, as some have suggested, some sort of rejection of core American principles or some popular embrace of socialism.

In 2008, Barack Obama convinced 69 million Americans to buy in to his vague but unquestionably left-wing view of how America should be. In 2012, after four years of experience with Obama's "transformation project," only 60 million--nine million fewer, less than one in five Americans--signed on for continuing the project. Not much of a mandate, there.

Obama's reelection clearly didn't represent an endorsement of Obama's policies. Quite the contrary. The public opinion polls are abundantly clear that Obama's policies are extremely unpopular. Given an inspiring, pro-America alternative to the Obama vision, the American people would very likely have rallied behind such a vision.

Unfortunately, there was no such vision on the ballot this year.

What we had instead was a vague "me too" message that "we can do better." Not different, necessarily, just vaguely "better." This ambiguous, milquetoast moderate, pale pastel message has been tried on the American people time and time again--and it has FAILED every time.

Let us review...

In 1976, the Republicans nominated a midwestern moderate (Ford)...and LOST.
In 1992, the Republicans nominated a northeastern moderate (Bush I)...and LOST.
In 1996, the Republicans nominated a midwestern moderate (Dole)...and LOST.
In 2008, the Republicans nominated a western moderate (McCain)...and LOST.

In 1980, 1984, 2000 and 2004, the Republicans ran candidates selling a conservative message...and WON every time.

Let us be honest. Mitt Romney, for all his strengths as a competent business manager, was not a conservative champion by any stretch. When the tried to play that role, it simply didn't fit him at all. Romney's own track record was that of a political chameleon who was all over the ideological map. Wherever he needed to be at a given time, that's where he was. Romney never laid out a strong, principled case for American exceptionalism. He never succeeded in convincing the American people that his time in office would differ in any significant way from Obama's. When Romney attempted to speak in support of core conservative principles, his words rang hollow. For these reasons and many others, Romney was the next-to-last choice for the overwhelming majority of movement conservatives and most Republicans.

Romney compounded his situation by alienating conservatives and grassroots Republicans who might otherwise have closed ranks after the primaries. From the beginning, Romney and his team treated movement conservatives with disdain and derision, as a captive audience with no option but to support Romney. They waged a brutal, no-holds-barred, war of attrition in the primaries, unleashing media carpet-bombing campaigns full of vicious character smears, against any Republican challenger who stood in their way. They made the Republican National Convention prime time show into a parade of the squishy moderates, while largely pushing conservatives to the sidelines. From the announcement of his candidacy to the close of the polls yesterday, Mitt Romney and his team made it fairly clear that they believed they could beat Obama without the help of the grassroots and movement conservatives.

There need be no mistake as to what happened yesterday. The election yesterday may have been a referendum on Mitt Romney, and it certainly may have been a referendum on the current state of the Republican Party, but it was not a referendum on America as we know it. It was certainly not a referendum on core American principles, including but not limited to fiscal responsibility, limited government, personal responsibility, the rule of law or national sovereignty. Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment may have had a bad day on Tuesday, but the core principles of America didn't.

Viewed objectively, what happened yesterday is that a liberal incumbent from Chicago narrowly beat a liberal challenger from Massachusetts.

While we certainly won't be happy with four more years of the midwestern liberal from Chicago, there's little reason to believe that we would've been particularly thrilled with the northeastern liberal from Massachusetts, either.

No matter who won on Tuesday, those of us who believe in our core American principles would've had a whole bunch of work to do. That work is still there to be done, and time's a-wastin'.




Congress gives President new domestic powers to suppress free speech. H.R. 347/S. 1794 passed



The City of Floresville Planning and Zoning committee will hold a Public Hearing at City Hall, 1120 D Street, Floresville, Texas on March 28, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. in order to gather citizen input on:

A special use permit of property at 2220 Tenth St. The special use permit is to establish an RV Trailer Park;

A special use permit of property at 1956 Sutherland Springs Rd. The special use permit is to establish an RV Trailer Park or Mobile Home Park;

Re-zoning of property at 1813 Standish St. from Residential (R-1) to Commercial (C). The re-zoning request is to establish a small business; and

A special use permit of property at 1345 Sutherland Springs Rd. The special use permit is to establish an RV Trailer Park or Mobile Home Park.

The effects of these Special Use Permits will affect everyone, residents of the City and County!

Several concerns exist over these Special Use Permits:

- First and foremost the City of Floresville has NO MASTER ZONING PLAN and continuing to issue "Special Permits" further degrades our ability to provide for business, industrial and residential zoning.

- Secondly, and probably more importantly, the City's sewer plant is at 68% capacity (according the City Manager in a recent City Council Meeting). Adding temporary housing will only add usage to the City's Sewer System, which when it reaches 75% the City must implement an expansion plan that the CIty does not currently have nor does it have the funding for.

- Further more: There are no plans or requirements for the appearance of these RV/Mobile Home Parks (i.e. Fences, Landscaping, Services, Etc). As one drives up and down the main streets of Floresville you will see how these "Parks" are degrading the appearance of our historic city.

- Lasty: These are short term visitors to our City and most do not pay any property taxes. A sustainable plan (HOUSING, STREETS, SEWER, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ETC) is needed for our community and county to grow, in the long term, as a result of this "boom" in the Eagle Ford Shale


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