We are not bragging, but with the help of all of our supporters, we have made a difference in our community.If you would like to get involved ,please use the Forum page or email on the Contacts Page. Below is a list of some recent activities that we were involved in:

Constitutional Classes for the Community(2010-2011)

Poll Watcher Training (2010-2011)

True the Vote Training(2011-2012)

Border Patrol Presentation (2012)

Agenda 21 Presentation (2011)

Delegate Training (2011)

“Empower The People” Training (2011)

Stand With Israel Rally (2011)

Affordable Health Care Act Presentation(2011)

"Recall them All" petition drive (2011)

Candidates Forum (2012)

Frank S. Smith "The Liberal Manifesto" author presentation(2012)

4th of July Rally(2012)

Delegates to the Texas GOP convention (2012)

Agenda 21 ban by Wilson County Commissioners(2013)

Wilson County Sherriff presentation(2013)

Agenda 21 ban by City Of Floresville(2013)

2nd Amendment support by City Of Floresville(2013)

Successful petition signing (1400+ signatures) to put Wilson county spending ($ 8.5 Million) on the ballot. (2013)

Fund Raising for the Floresville Parks Foundation ($1,030.00)(2013)

City Of Floresville Town Hall meeting(2013)

Lavernia "butterfly garden" support. (2013)

Hosted SATP quarterly meeting featuring "Rafael Cruz" American Exceptionalism (2013)

Agenda 21 presentation for SATP- NG meeting (2013)

Agenda 21 Presentation for Atascosa Tea Party(2014)

Agenda 21 Presentation for SATP - Neighborhood Group(2104)

Ralph Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship (2014)

Constitution Day - Dinner and Learn - (2014)

Citizens Forum on Border Security and Radical Islam (2014)

Mosque Open House visit (2015)

Citizens Forum II on Terrorism and Radical Islam (2015)

Wounded Warrior Clean UP and Landscaping (2015)


"Silent Conquest " showing (2015)

National Protest of Planned Parenthood (2015)


Ralph Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship (2015)


Patriots In Action -Scholarship Fundraiser (2016)


8 Liner Petition (2016)


City Council Recall Petition (2016)


Ralph Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship (2016)


Connally Memorial Hospital Board Rollback Petition(2016)


Scholarship Fundraiser (2016)


Wounded Warrior clean up (2016-2017)


Agenda 2 - "Masters of Deceit " showing (2017)


"Get out the Vote" for Wilson County Rollback election (2017)


Successful Tax Rollback Election (2017)


Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship Fundraiser - Shoot Out (2017)


Social Media Training I (2017)


Ted Cruz Campaign Visit (2017)


Heritage Action and Social Media Training II (2017)


Facing the Islamic Challenge Biblically (2017)


Raph Gerhart Scholarship Award (2018)

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