Wilson County Patriot July 2, 2013 Agenda

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Ralph and Mary Ann’s HOA in Adkins ( see attached directions )

Opening prayer: JoAnn

Pledge of Allegiance

We are fortunate to have two guest speakers:

Robert Gomez

Tom Shumaker

Robert Gomez – SATP Neighborhood Group Leader

Bob will be presenting the 2nd part of his 3 part series on the Industrial Areas Foundation ( IAF). Those of you who attended his first part of the series on the IAF at Jack’s restaurant left with a combination of many emotions, but all agreed we must take action and get organized !

Bob will be sharing additional information on what actions will be effective and necessary. This presentation should take about an hour.

Tom Shumaker – SATP Communications Director

Tom has just been appointed to this position and will share with us his background as well as an explanation of his new position and how it will benefit the SATP, Neighborhood Groups, and why we will be more effective.

I believe what Bob is presenting and the positive impact Tom has already had on the SATP will compliment and strengthen the direction the SATP is seeking.

JoAnn / Venice – The SATP Board and the Neighborhood Group Leaders get together – recap

JoAnn – Floresville City Council Town Hall Meeting

1. Jim Miller to confirm some dates in mid July on the availability of the American Legion Hall

2. Amy Clark agreed to moderate

Recap of local meetings attended

1. City Council

2. County

3. School Board

4. Parks Foundation

Joe Bissett’s June 18th Neighborhood Group Meeting

Mary Morgan, Pete, and myself attended. Joe had two wonderful speakers:

1. Philip Sevilla – Texas Leadership Coalition

2. Mike Koerner – San Antonio Regional Director for Senator Cruz

IRS San Antonio Protest

Wilson County Patriots in attendance were: Peggy Pigford, Venice and Armon. If I have missed anyone else please let me know.

Next WCP meeting will be August 6th @ JoAnn & Pete’s home

Thank you Mary Ann and Ralph for hosting our meeting.

Wilson County Patriot Agenda

June 4, 2013

Place: Home of John Morkovsky ( please see attached directions)

Time: 7:00 pm

Opening Prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

Recap of SATP Neighborhood Group Leader Meeting

1. Tom Shumaker – Communications Director

2. Bruce, Darlene, & Mary Ann formed committee to vet conservative candidates ( Bexar County)

3. Working on a coalition with other conservative groups to go against Battleground Texas

4. South Texas Alliance – George Rodriguez – salary full time coordinator & work with other conservative groups

5. General meeting will be Sat 7/20/13 – Pedrotti’s

6. TX legislation session ends 5/27/13

7. Looking for a way to get involved / think SATP not doing enough? Please consider volunteering for the following committees:

a) Health Care – Sharon Hall Sharon@sanantonioteaparty.us

b) Transportation – Jeff Judson – jeff@sanantonioteaparty.us

c) TX Budget – Alma Jackson – alma@sanantonioteaparty.us

d. Immigration – Jeanne Melendez – Jeanne@sanantonioteaparty.us

e) Education – Sal Apicelli – sal@sanantonioteaparty.us

8. Bob Gomez did presentation on C.O.P.S. – Communities Organized for Public Service. Helene and I could not stay for the presentation but Bob said he would come to our meeting and do the presentation

Recap of Floresville, Lavernia, Stockdale, Poth

Meetings Attended

1. Agenda 21 tabled. Most opportune time to address this issue ( do not want to wait to long – loose momentum ). Verify all city council received packets ( give to them at next council meeting if they have not received or send electronically – Doug ).

Pg 1 of 2

Recap of Floresville Park Foundation Fund Raiser

Everyone’s cooperation and consideration in volunteering, providing items or baked goods for this fundraiser is greatly appreciated. Helene, Mary Ann, Chelle, and myself have volunteered to work. Confirmed the amount of tables we would have with Finders Keepers this past Sat, June 1st. It was very important to have your feedback as to what you were bringing so that we could try to determine the amount of space needed by June 1st.

We need to confirm volunteers to set up and tear down. Items must be delivered to Finder’s Keepers between 7:00am and 7:15 am. Open for business at 8:00 am.

Discuss WCP sponsoring a Floresville City Council

Town Hall

1. Jim Miller – use the American Legion Hall @ no cost.

2. Should you be in favor who is able and willing to help organize?

3. When?

4. Time?

5. Format

6. Moderator – prefer someone other than a WCP

Next WCP meeting will be July 2nd. Place to be determined. If I can confirm Bob Gomez doing presentation perhaps Ralph and Mary Ann will be able to provide their HOA.

Thank you John and Cheryl for your hospitality in hosting this meeting.

May 7th

Opening Prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance



Guest Speaker - Sheriff Tackett and/or his Lieutenant have graciously consented to address the WCP about gun control and how to best protect our home and family. There is a half hour time slot for your questions to be answered. Addressing the Gun Control issue with our Sheriff was initiated by John S, John M, Nato, and Eric. Thank you for being pro active on this very important issue!


1. CERT 2nd Responder training – follow up on conversation with Leann Hosek regarding concerns on FEMA involvement / arming FEMA responders.

2. Floresville City Park - Doug & Pete – update on logo & facebook page & Floresville web page


a. Pete and Doug to co chair fall golf tournament – update

b. JoAnn and Helene to co chair garage sale

c. Mary Ann to chair bake sale

1. Marketing for fund raiser – WCN, flyers, put on City Council Agenda, website, and Park committee. Who is willing to help coordinate the marketing?

Update on garage sale and bake sale – spoke to Rebecca one of the owners of Finders Keepers in Floresville. She is willing to give us all the room we will need at absolutely NO COST. She suggested a Saturday and if the weather is nice to set up outside for maximum exposure.

We need to select a Saturday in June and co ordinate it with Rebecca. Doing this during the Peanut Festival is not a good idea – will elaborate.


Update on presentation to City Council – Doug

Update on presentation to County – Ralph and John

Brief Feedback on City & County Meetings Attended

Very important to attend !! There is a crisis in Floresville schools and I will elaborate

Recap of April 22nd SATP Group Leader Meeting

NRA Convention in Houston

Cheryl Dunn and John Morkovsky – share what their experience was like

Our next meeting will be June 4th at the home on John Morkovsky and Cheryl Dunn.

WCP next meeting will be May 7, 2013 Place to be determined

Wilson County Patriot Agenda

Wilson County Patriot April 2,2013 Agenda

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Home of Joann & Pete Juhasz ( directions attached )

Opening prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance



1. CERT 2nd Responder training – Mary Ann

Response to our guest speaker at our March meeting – Frank Dickey Jr a 2nd Responder CERT Team Member

a. Sometime in April

b. Place : Mary Ann and Ralph’s HOA

c. Need at least 10

d. May consider doing this as WCP or individually

e. Question on the EPA involvement

2. Floresville River City Park - Doug, Pete, & ?

a. Excellent marketing tool for WCP in the community

b. With everyones approval select plan of action

1. Volunteer – paint has been donated by McCoys

2. Sponsor a Fundraiser




1. Update on presentation to City Council & Wilson County – John Seward ( Doug Jones, Ralph, John Morkovsky ) Please share your final product ( if it is ready ) at our meeting.

a. Consult with Jim Miller on best way to present to City Council

PG 1 OF 2


1. Mentoring, being prepared – JoAnn

a. Spoke to Amy Clark and Bryan Underwood






Recap of March 11 San Antonio Group Leader Meeting

1. Citizen Lobbyist - Health Care – Sharon Hall still needs volunteers to do research

2. Jeff Judson just elected to SATP board

3. Need canned foods for Food Bank – will be from SATP. Please consider donating some canned goods and bringing them to this Tuesdays meeting. Community involvement for SATP

4. Working on a Fundraiser for the SATP with Ted Cruz as speaker. Hopefully will be in May but no date set.

5. SATP Board is restructuring and will ask 2 NG Leaders to be on the board. This position will be rotated annually

6. Bob Gomez was to do presentation on the IAF to the NGL and the Board members on the 25th but this had to be cancelled. Neighborhood Group Leaders and the Board need to work more closely / communicate.

Meeting January 8, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Armon and Venice Grantham’s home

Opening prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Delphi Technique - (link below) sent everyone the attachment along with this Jan 8th Agenda. Thank you to Deb Conoly for sending this. I encourage everyone to read and bring this information with you. This will be a tremendous help to us in our watchdog efforts both locally and state wide.

2. SATP watchdog information. Please check out the SATP news letter for more information about this. We will discuss their format and our contribution to these goals. http://www.sanantonioteaparty.us/ will have the information for you about getting involved with various committees, doing research, and attending the Texas State Senate sessions in Austin. I am hoping Sharon Hall will be available for our Feb meeting to answer any questions.

3. Local watchdog participation – Floresville, Lavernia, Stockdale – meeting schedule and commitment of those who can attend. Set up discussion opportunities about the results of those meetings. Mary Morgan should have the Lavernia schedule. Mary Ann will have the meeting schedule she put together for us before. We are fortunate to have Jim Miller as an excellent sounding board for us. We should include City Council, school board, hospital board, County commissioner, Economic Development, etc. Ask a friend / neighbor to get involved and attend with you. Invite local politicians to periodically attend our meetings.

4. Mentoring / training for potential candidates – Amy Clark is in process of developing a program. Will ask her to attend Feb meeting to educate us on what she has developed.

5. Next meeting will be Feb 5th @ 7:00 pm @ JoAnn and Pete’s

Delphi Technique Link

Meet the author :

Frank S. Smith

Delphi Technique Link
Microsoft Word document [29.0 KB]
About this author:

With the release of his new book, The Liberal Manifesto, Frank Smith has emerged as a rising authority on the liberal ideology. His diverse background and education have given him many years of experience in the practical and principled elements of American life.
After growing up in the government-run school system, Frank’s patriotism and love for country soon found him in the United States Navy. His life after military service led to a college education to pursue a degree in Political Science. After years of observing liberal bias in the education system and that of politicians in the Capitol, Frank began to question the inconsistencies and irrationality of the liberal movement. His dissent from the liberal education establishment soon led to an objective search for truth.
In his efforts to support himself and his family, Frank has gained much experience as a hired worker and a self-employed business owner. His years of hard work include earning various degrees that, combined with life experience, and independent scholarship, have given him unparalleled insight into the liberal motives and methods. It is his desire to use this insight to equip other Americans with the truth. Thomas Jefferson advocated educating and informing the American people because, “they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.


OCT 2, 2012

Prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

To avoid a rental fee for the room we are requesting people arrive early ( between 6:00 and 6:30 ) and order a bite to eat. Their prices are very reasonable. The early arrival will avoid disruptintg Mr. Smith’s presentation.

1. The Liberal Manifesto – author Frank Smith – majority of meeting ( 45 min – 1hr ) will be devoted to Mr. Smith’s presentation and Q & A.

2. Don Krebs from SATP in need of help for the SATP website. Please let me know if you are available and I will relay Don’s contact infromation.

3. Runaway Slave – CL Bryant – Embassy Theatre on 10/12/12. SATP will do fundraiser / premier with sale of tickets on 10 / 11/ 12

4. Church Voter Registration – thank you to Missy and Venice for involving their Churches in this important effort. SATP to date has registered over 700 voters. Congratulations to Sharon Hall and all who have helped make this happen.

5. Results of Business Seminars from 9/20 and 9/27. Thank you to Allyson for her help. Possible Small Business Neighborhood Group developing.

6. Do not miss it!! 4th Quarter General Meeting for all the Neighborhood Groups at Pedrottis. TED CRUZ will be guest speaker. More to come.

November 6th meeting will be cancelled due to ?? Please contact Ruby Manen if you are able to volunteer to work at the polls or phone bank.

God Bless and drive carefully

WCP 2012 Meeting Dates:

May 1 ____________________

June 5____________________

July 3 prepare for July 4th Tea Pary

August 7_______________________

September 4____________________

October 2 ______________________

November 6 _election day_________

December 4 Pete and JoAnn’s_____

September 18th, 2012 Combined Meeting:
Wilson County Patriot Agenda

April 3, 2012

Time: 7:00 pm

Opening Prayer – Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Recap of SATP NG Leader meeting:

a. Encourage Candidates to come to our meetings ( if they ask then do not have to invite a democrat / if we extend invitation then we must invite both parties )

b. Helping to get out the Vote – priority for 2012

1. Convention training April 11th at Chesters ( sent email with details ). We need and encourage all of us to be delegates.

Due to the overwhelming demand for this training, we are delighted to offer "How to Become a Convention Delegate" on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, starting at 6:30 PM at Chester's Hamburgers, 1006 NE Loop 410,

2. Last Day to Register to Vote: April 30th 
Early Voting: May 14th- May 25th
Primary Voting Date: May 29th
Primary Runoff Election Date: July 31st

c. Please keep track of elected officials !!

Floresville City Council meeting attended by Doug, Pete, & JoAnn

Feedback from Doug, Pete or JoAnn – Agenda 21 is alive and well

Jim Miller commented on WCP facebook page

Any other “watchdog” feedback

d. General Meeting : Sun 4/15/12 at Alzafar Shrine Pavilion – excellent speakers – need food donated ( hot dogs, chips, drinks, condiments, paper products ).

e. SATPac on hold for now

f. Next NG Leader meeting 3/26/12

2. Facebook training – how many are interested? SATP emphasized importance ( how Obama won ). Set up training on a Sat or Sunday after Easter

3. Self Defense training – John and Missy – how many interested?

Date Time Place

4. Guadalupe Tea Party reminder – April 12 @ 6:30pm at the Silver Center – 510 E Court, Seguin. Important and highly sought after speakers ( no money for teleprompters so these speakers will be talking from the heart ).

5. Book Club – bring a book if you would like to share and I will have a sign up sheet. Books can be exchanged at our next meeting

6. Fema Camps – Ralph

a. Doug and Pete – Agenda 21 committee

7. Recap of July 4th Tea Party

a Pavilion rented

b. Speakers – George Rodriguez, Rev Charles Flowers, Seth Caballero, Pete Juhasz Rick Huber will provide opening prayer and introduce speakers. Rev. Flowers will do benediction at end of Tea Party

1. Speeches will be 10-12 minutes

c. We will serve food. Spoke to Michael and he agreed to pay WCP $50.00 fee. We will sell tickets for food purchase

d. Theme : “Time to Get Serious”

Two additional suggestions to build on that theme are:

“Time to Get Serious”

Vote for your Children’s Future

“ Time to Get Serious”

You have the Power of the Vote

e. Huber family will sing National Anthem and get back with us on any other songs they may sing.

f. Bill Morgan will let us know closer to the date if he will be available to do a TSRA table

g. All agreed we would like banner. Pete will price with Jim Miller

Wilson County Patriot Neighborhood Group Meeting

March 6, 2012 Agenda

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: JoAnn and Pete Juhasz’s home(email above for directions)

Opening prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Recap of SATP General Meeting at Pedrottis – Venice

2. Gun Show Schedule

Only two plausible dates we can do: Aug 25 – 26 & Nov 10 - 11

Doug Mitchell agreed to do last shift on Sunday. Volunteers?

3. Tea Party Survival Guide – share with everyone. Excellent information. More critical than Presidency are the Senate seats.

4. Support Guadalupe Tea Party – will hold event on April 12th @ 6:30pm at the Silver Center – 510 E Court, Seguin. Pete and Amy Clark will be two of the speakers. Recently joined with SATP.

5. Faith and Freedom Rally – George wants to hold monthly. Terrific event!

6. Highlights of Floresville Town Hall meeting – JoAnn

7. July 4th Tea Party plans – SATP Executive Board agreed to support and promote our event.

a. Larger & newer Pavilion rented - $100 refundable deposit Paid

Agreed on by WCP $ 100 rental fee Paid 

b. Huber family agreed to sing National Anthem etc.

c. George Rodriguez, Rev. Charles Flowers, and Seth Caballero agreed to be speakers. Any other suggestions ?

d. Select a Theme and Agenda ? What time to start and length

e. Do we wish to serve food? If so I have a suggestion. Sharon Hall thought may be a good idea.

f. Do we want to price getting a banner ? Jim will give us good deal

Wilson County Patriot Neighborhood Group Meeting

February 7, 2012 Agenda

Time: 7:00 pm

 Opening prayer: Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Presentation by Jim Miller regarding Floresville Recall status. Jim will share what the future plans are to pursue Recalling the Mayor and City Council. He will also tell us how it impacts everyone in Wilson County and why we all need to be involved.

2. Recap of Jan 16th SATP Neighborhood Group meeting – Pete and Joann

3. Recap of Jan 30th SATP Neighborhood Group meeting – Ralph and Mary Ann

4. Gun Show Schedule

Only two plausible dates we can do: Aug 25 -26

Nov 10-11

Consider doing if enough volunteers.

5. July 4th Tea Party plans

a. Larger and newer Pavilion is rented $100 refundable deposit pd.

$100 rental fee pd.

b. Huber family agreed to sing National Anthem

c. George Rodriguez agreed to be one of guest speakers

Any suggestions on other guest speakers, Tea Party Theme, Agenda ?

6. Information from Freedomworks / Ted Cruz rally – Pete, JoAnn, Missy, and John attended

JANUARY 3, 2012 

 TIME: 7:00PM

 LOCATION :Wood Valley Acres Association (WVAA) Community Center

 ADDRESS: 715 Fuller Lane Adkins TX78101 click here for map

 Note: There is limited seating for this event .Please RSVP to:

joann@wilsoncountypatriots.com or call : 210-800-8394 

ven.grant@lavernia.net or call : 830-534-5784

There will be a special presentation concerning the Affordable Health Care Act from a prominent local surgeon:

Edward (Ned) Elmer, M.D

Edward (Ned) Elmer, M.D. is an orthopaedic surgeon who has practiced in Pleasanton, Floresville andPearsall since 1992. Dr. Elmer was born and educated in Massachusetts but spent much of his youth in rural New Hampshire, which is as conservative as Massachusetts is liberal. Dr. Elmer went to college at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and medical school at Harvard. In 1989, he married Dr. Laura Elmer, a pediatrician and former Air Force Major. Theymoved to Texas (“Hallelujah!”) when his wife was stationed at Lackland AFB. They have 6 children.

Dr. Elmer's talk on Obamacare will address the many disastrous effects on life, liberty and property which can be 
anticipated if this law is not repealed as soon as possible, as well as several possible strategies for repeal.

So you don't believe there will be " death panels " ? Listen to this enlightening Phone Call !!! (click here and turn sound up)

Photos of the presentation:
(click here and turn sound up)
Windows Media music file [2.5 MB]
AGENDA for 1/3/12 meeting:

Pledge of Allegiance

Opening Prayer - Venice Grantham

I. Healthcare Power Point Presentation - Dr. Edward (Ned) Elmer

Power Point should take about 30 minutes followed by a question and answer period not to exceed 30 minutes. 

Dr. Elmer’s presentation will address the many anticipated disastrous effects on life, liberty, and property if this law is not repealed. The doctor / patient relationship as we now know it will be necessarily altered.

Dr. Edward Elmer is an orthopedic surgeon who has practiced in Pleasanton, Floresville, & Pearsall since 1992. He was born and educated in Massachusetts. Dr. Elmer attended college at John Hopkins University and medical school at Harvard.

10 minute break - enjoy some refreshments and you are invited to join us for the remainder of our meeting

II. Agenda 21 -  Ralph – committee update

III. Support local, state, national Candidates – Sharon Hall ( sec SATP )

Importance of individual active support of candidates

IV. Confirm 2012 meeting dates

Oct. 11, 2011 AGENDA

Recap of meeting is in red

Opening Prayer - Venice

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome any new Patriots

We had 4 new patriots attend our meeting. We are always appreciative of the time and insight new patriots contribute.

1. Introduce guest speaker - Jim Gibson

Power Point Presentation on Border Patrol – approx 15 minutes

Q & A to follow 

Mission for the volunteer Border Patrol Agents – asst law enforcement, educate general public on immigration & border issues, and recruit new personnel & seek donations. 

What Volunteer Border Patrol does – observe activity, report to Border Patrol, monitor progress while remaining concealed, must have a 30 ft minimum distance, and render emergency aid when appropriate.

Jim generously shared his time to answer questions and provide additional facts

2. SATP Neighborhood Group Leader Meeting Sept 25th recap – Venice

Faith Outreach will be working with the SATP.

Dec 4th is the Christmas Party

Invite Councilmen to our NG meetings

3. Floresville Gun Show Nov 12 & 13

Volunteer / anything we would like to do differently

Business cards for WCNG thanks to Venice and Armon

Venice to restructure sign up sheet to provide more space & include zip codes

Send out Volunteer Sign up Sheet for Gun Show

4. Citizen Lobbyist involvement – Mary Ann, Ralph, JoAnn

Share information from those who have attended meetings

Agenda 21 CD from Ralph

1/2 of Stockdale has no EMS

Mary Ann shared information from School Board meeting

Passed out volunteer sheet again to attend Community meetings

5. Further discussion on having a Tea Party – establish when and our message

Confirmed July 4th date for Tea Party. 

JoAnn to check out price on renting facility at City Park ( have a kitchen, electricity, tables and chairs).

Ralph to check on estimated completion of repairs to Court House.

6. Explore Tea Party Round Table with Wilson County Republicans

Everyone present agreed this was a good idea but concerned who in the Republican Party would be willing to participate.

JoAnn will talk to Ruby Manen about Round Table

7. Review / add information to website – Pete

Pete shared what he has added to our website thus far.

Next meeting is scheduled for Nov 1st at Venice and Armon’s home

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